drafting in virtual soccer – the 가상축구 ten commandments

drafting in virtual soccer – the 가상축구 ten commandments


Look away now, but we’re about to see the return 실시간 가상축구 of the seasonal illness. An extremely time-consuming and powerful habit that has the potential to become obsessive or compulsive is waiting just around the bend. Of course, I’m talking about our yearly virtual soccer draft and subsequent lineup decisions rosisoccer.

The tranquility of our Sunday mornings will be disrupted by a frenzy of activity as we scramble to keep up with the newest player news and updates. Many so-called “experts” will try to fool us with false injury reports, endless mental replays of game matchups, and advice based on nothing more than flipping a coin. Right up to the moment our screen locks to signal kickoff, we’ll drop and drag, alter our minds, and even consider last-minute desperate pick-ups.

As a result of my involvement in virtual soccer, I’ve come to refer to it as a “warped family affair.” Every August, my family, and friends congregate at my in-laws’ house to demonstrate my superior football knowledge. There’s a buzz in the air as I sit down to dinner with some of the most amazing people I know, including my sisters-in-law (oops, I mean brothers-in-law). It’s hard to think of a better pleasure in life than whipping your father-in-pants laws off while verbally attacking him at the same time.

Having said that, I don’t want anyone to have the notion that we’re primitive beings. We’ll pretend that business is always done in an orderly method because there is no webcam to watch my brother-in-gruesome law’s demise after a night out on the town. My competitors, on the other hand, consistently violate the rules of virtual soccer during our annual get-togethers. So without further ado, I offer to you the 10 commandments of virtual soccer drafting, this year’s etiquette lesson.

You must take your aspirin early in the morning on Sunday to avoid being late for the draft because of a hangover.

All participants in the draft should have access to a well-stocked cooler full of their preferred beverages.

Respect Your Mother-in-Cooking Law’s By Enjoying the Meal She’s Spent Days Preparing.

It is forbidden to double-dip in salsa or to break the 45-second rule of not eating floor scraps.

In addition to toilet paper, you must compile research notes on an alternative material.

At the Risk of a Bitch Slap, You Shall Not Steal Your Neighbors’ Player Lists.

When applicable, rub His Bald Head and Pot Belly for 토토 가상축구 Luck. Honor Thy Commissioner.

The Drafting Clock Must Be Respected, and Temporary Brain Cell Loss Receives No League Sympathy.

You may not draft a kicker or a team defense earlier than the fifth round (don’t lie, we know you’re out there).

Avoid drafting ineffective players from your favorite team in excess. Avoiding any player who claims to remember your name from high school is especially important.

Again, ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for your attention to this important topic of sportsmanship and decorum. I hope you all have a wonderful time at this year’s draft. As soon as I get my hands on the coveted trophy, you can bet I’ll be posting a ton of pictures to commemorate the occasion.

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Draft Day virtual 가상축구 스코어 soccer Tips from a Virtual Expert

Day of the dead. Possibly the most significant day of your virtual soccer campaign. This is the time to put together your team. It’s a great time to make fun of your opponents for using an injured player. In the 7th round, you’ll find gems who outperform players selected in the 3rd round. To put it another way: don’t mess it up! On the day of the draft, 에볼루션카지노 here are some things you should keep in mind:

Having your cheat sheets is a great idea! I can’t emphasize this enough. Many people utilize their draft software’s rankings (such as Yahoo) without realizing that they have not been updated to reflect players who have lately been injured. Pre-made rankings do not take your scoring system into account. This will have a significant impact on the positioning of possession receivers if your receivers get one point for each reception they make. Injuries and scoring systems can affect the rankings, so use them as a guide.

If so, where? Don’t pick local players in the draft. To get the likes of Bulger or Holt 가상축구 배팅 in your league, you’ll likely be paying a premium because fans like to overestimate their favorite team’s stars. Your favorite play will get taken three rounds too early if you hype it before your draft by talking about it with other owners.

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A lot of booze should be served, but don’t touch it. Don’t let the rest of your friends get it mixed up with Duce Staley. Even though most people will be alright after a few beers, the risk is simply too high. Even if one owner unintentionally skips over a player because of the beverages, you’ve done your job if you gain even a small advantage. Remind your children, don’t drink and drive!

Keep a running tally of who has chosen what. A live draft, on the other hand, may be more challenging because your drafting provider will likely take care of this for you. It’s well worth the hassle, though. The question you may be asking yourself is: why bother? This means that you can pass on players you know will be available at a later date because 가상축구 분석 of this. So, for example, in a 10-man league, you’re drafting eighth and ready to take a punter, but there’s an intriguing deep-sleeper running back. Because of your notes, you see that the ninth and tenth picks have already selected kickers, hence there is no need for any other players to be selected. As a result, you can select a sleeper running back with confidence, knowing that your kicker will be available when the draft returns.